Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the CEO Board, I want to take this opportunity to keep you informed of ongoing developments concerning accreditation in the Western Region.

As noted in the communication from the Commission last week, ACCJC Board Chair Dr. Steve Kinsella has resigned from the Commission. Please join me in thanking Dr. Kinsella for his years of service to ACCJC. Vice Chair Susan Kazama, a faculty member and librarian from Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii, has assumed the role as Chair of ACCJC. With Dr. Kinsella’s resignation, there are now at least five open seats on the Commission. The communication from ACCJC on Friday outlined the process for the nomination of candidates to serve as Commissioners.

The next meeting of the CEO Board will be this coming Friday, April 22. As you would expect, one important topic will be accreditation. We will review the two workgroups that are meeting in the coming weeks and will also have an opportunity to discuss possible nominations to the Commission for the open seats (one administrative, three public and one faculty). We all have a strong shared interest in nominating and electing capable candidates to serve on the Commission. Nominations to the Commission are due on April 25, 2016.


The first meeting of the Accreditation Workgroup convened by Chancellor Helen Benjamin will take place this coming Thursday, April 21, at Chaffey College. The second meeting will be April 27 at the Peralta District Office. Thanks to Henry Shannon and Jowel Laguerre for hosting the first two meetings. The evolving list of participants is below. We remain hopeful to have participation from colleagues representing Hawaii and the Pacific Islands as well as direct participation by the leadership of the Commission. The goal of the first workgroup is for representatives from California community colleges and other ACCJC member institutions to work with ACCJC Commissioners to immediately undertake significant improvements in the structure and functioning of the Commission to address long-standing concerns of its members, giving special attention to the concerns noted by the U.S. Department of Education requiring compliance by October 2016.


California CEOs

  • Helen Benjamin, Chancellor, Contra Costa CCD, Convener
  • Michael Claire, President, San Mateo College (San Mateo CCD)
  • David Wain Coon, Superintendent/President, Marin CCD
  • Debbie DiThomas, Superintendent/President, Barstow CCD
  • Kathy Hart, Superintendent/President, San Joaquin Delta CCD
  • Victor Jaime, Superintendent/President, Imperial Valley College (Imperial CCD)
  • Kathryn Jeffrey, Superintendent/President, Santa Monica CCD
  • Jowel LaGuerre, Chancellor, Peralta CCD
  • Marvin Martinez, President, East Los Angeles College (Los Angeles CCD) Kindred Murillo, Superintendent/President, Lake Tahoe CCD
  • Kevin Walthers, Superintendent/President, Allan Hancock CCD
  • John Weispfenning, President, Santiago Canyon College (Rancho Santiago CCD)

Private College CEO

  • John Zimmerman President, MTI College

Academic Senate Leadership

  • David Morse, President, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
  • Julie Bruno, Vice President, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Accreditation Liaison Officers
Lori Bennett, Executive Vice President, Moorpark College (Ventura CCD)
Meredith Randall, Vice President, Shasta College (Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint CCD)

ACCJC Commissioner Liaisons

  • Raul Rodriguez
  • Chancellor, Rancho Santiago CCD
  • Sonya Christian
  • President, Bakersfield College (Kern CCD)


Chancellor Cindy Miles is making great progress in preparing for the first meeting of our second workgroup, tentatively in May. The evolving list of participants is below. The goal of Workgroup 2 is to facilitate communication between representatives of regional accreditors and institutional members from various sectors of higher education to pursue a model for regional accreditation that aligns all segments of higher education in the Western region. We are very pleased that the President of the WASC Senior Commission, Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko, has agreed to personally participate on Workgroup II.


California CEOs

  • Cindy Miles, Chancellor, Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD, Convener
  • Lori Adrian, President, Coastline CC (Coast CCD) (Until 6/30/16)
  • Sandra Caldwell, President, Reedley College (State Center CCD)
  • Constance Carroll, Chancellor, San Diego CCD
  • Ron Kraft, Superintendent/President, Napa CCD
  • Willard Lewallen, Superintendent/President, Hartnell CCD
  • Dena Maloney, Superintendent/President, El Camino CCD
  • Cheryl Marshall, Chancellor, North Orange CCCD (After 7/1/16)
  • Sandra Mayo, President, Moreno Valley College (Riverside CCD)
  • Bryan Murphy, President, De Anza College (Foothill-DeAnza CCD)
  • Bill Scroggins, Superintendent/President, Mt San Antonio CCD
  • Susan Sperling, President, Chabot College (Chabot-Las Positas CCD)
  • Joe Wyse, Superintendent/President, Shasta-Tehama-Trinity CCD

Hawaii CEO

  • Lui Hokoana, Chancellor, Maui College, University of Hawaii

Private College CEO

  • Jeff Akens, President, Carrington College

WASC Senior Commission

  • Mary Ellen Petrisko, President, WASC Senior Commission

Thanks so much to everyone for stepping up to do this vitally important work. We will continue to communicate on a regular basis as we move forward together. Please let me know any additional information that would be helpful or any suggestions about how to improve communications.


Brian King
Los Rios Community College District