Monday, May 23, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

The time since our discussion on accreditation at our statewide CEO meeting on March 13 has passed quickly. It is amazing that so much has been accomplished in a little more than two months. With a report scheduled at the next meeting of the Commission taking place June 8-10, the work will continue at a very rapid pace.

Board of Governors Update

I had a chance to provide an update on the work of the two accreditation workgroups to the Board of Governors last Monday, May 16, and at the meeting of the League CEO Board this past Friday. Thanks to the League for establishing a new web site that provides updated information and resources on the accreditation efforts. I shared the current roster of the workgroups with the Board of Governors and also provided the following update last week:

  • Workgroup I convened by Chancellor Helen Benjamin has already met twice, and is preparing a summary report of short-term, immediate challenges and opportunities to present to the Commission at its next meeting on June 8.

  • Workgroup II convened by Chancellor Cindy Miles met this past Thursday for the first time. The workgroup includes WASC President Mary Ellen Petrisko and Board Chair William Ladusaw from UC Santa Cruz. ACCJC President Beno and Board Chair Susan Kazama have also been invited to participate.

ACCJC Commissioner Election Ballots Coming Soon

Member presidents should receive a ballot for open Commission seats this week. Strong leadership on the Commission is vital to the success of our efforts together. The end of the semester is a busy, often hectic time at our colleges, but please be alert to the arrival of your ballot and be sure to complete the ballot. Note that some nominees who were not on the initial slate of candidates you received earlier have been added as a result of ten or more presidents requesting that they be included on the final ballot (including Joe Wyse in the administrator classification and Rich Hansen in the faculty classification). I encourage you to contact ACCJC if you have any questions about the election process.

Team Chairs Needed

In recent years, ACCJC has sought presidents and chancellors to serve as team chairs as experienced CEOs have retired or left the state. I encourage you to volunteer to serve as a team evaluator if you have not done so, and develop your skills to eventually serve as a team chair. If you are an experienced chair, consider chairing a team again. Chairing a team is an excellent professional development opportunity, and one of the best ways to gain deeper insights into the process of peer accreditation. If you are willing to serve as an evaluator and/or chair a team, please contact ACCJC President Barbara Beno.

Thanks again to Chancellors Benjamin and Miles for their leadership of the two workgroups and for everyone who is stepping up to make sure that our efforts together are successful. The work is hard and the time is short, but I am confident we will continue to make a difference together.


Brian King
Los Rios Community College District