Thursday, March 30, 2017

Accreditation Workgroup II (WGII) has been meeting since May 2016 to pursue its charge of pursuing a model for regional accreditation that aligns all segments of higher education in the Western region. Activities of early meetings were documented in the September 2016 report to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. WGII members did extensive research and developed a “roadmap of options” that defined steps required, timelines, pros, cons, and other resources required for four possible options:
     1. Stronger relationship between ACCJC and WASC Senior (WSCUC)
     2. Two-year colleges can choose an Accreditor (ACCJC or WSCUC)
     3. Single Accreditor for Western Region 
     4. Relationship with another accreditor (not WSCUC)  
After six months of meetings, research, consultation with accreditation experts and the U.S. Department of Education, and deliberation over a number of options and scenarios, WGII members reached unanimous agreement that the long-term needs of our students, colleges, and communities, especially in California, would best be served by affiliation with a single accreditor that encompasses all segments of higher education for the Western region. Read more.