Friday, August 5, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

As summer winds down, our work together on accreditation continues.

Chancellor Helen Benjamin and I presented a Preliminary Report to ACCJC summarizing the efforts of Workgroup I (Improving ACCJC Structure, Function and Relations) on June 8, 2016. We appreciate the Commission providing an opportunity for a robust dialog about the many concrete suggestions proposed by the CEOs who committed many hours to develop the recommendations.

A week after the June 8 presentation, Chancellor Benjamin and I received the attached letter from ACCJC President Barbara Beno and Commission Chair Susan Kazma. As the letter states, the Commission anticipates “being able to respond to you with preliminary information about how we are responding to each of your five areas of focus by late July or early August.” We anticipate this response from the Commission in the near future, and remain hopeful that the efforts of Workgroup I will lead to a productive, collaborative effort to address the concerns and challenges.

This week we have received many inquiries about a recent request dated August 3 from the ACCJC seeking letters in support of the Commission. The draft letter of support the Commission has distributed is attached. As a CEO, you may have received this communication directly. For those who have not received the communication, you may or may not be aware that someone in your organization likely has received this request. At the meeting with the Commission on June 8, where Chancellor Benjamin and I presented the summary of the efforts of Workgroup I, we discussed the timeliness of letters of support. At that time, we indicated that the Commission’s response to the recommendations of Workgroup I could be a key factor in the enthusiasm of CEOs writing letters of support to be submitted to the Department of Education. At this point, the specific issue of letters in support of the Commission has not been before the CEO Board. I anticipate the Commission’s response to the recommendations of Workgroup I and the request for letters of support will be topics for discussion at the September 16 meeting of the CEO Board, and I encourage you to contact your regional representative to the Board or me with any thoughts or suggestions you may have on these issues.

With Workgroup I focused on the short-term challenges with ACCJC Structure, Function and Relations, Chancellor Cindy Miles facilitated a second meeting of Workgroup II on July 14 at the Coast Community College District Office. ACCJC Vice Chair and Rancho Santiago Chancellor Raul Rodriguez participated in the dialog as did WASC Senior President Mary Ellen Petrisko and WASC Senior Board Chair Bill Ladusaw. The participants engaged in a thorough, open discussion about what an ideal, aligned model for accreditation might look like. Chancellor Miles will share a report on the progress of Workgroup II with the Board of Governors in September, and we will share that report with you in advance of the presentation.

Thank you again to the members of both Workgroups and to countless other leaders across the state who are committed to working together to improve accreditation in the interest of our students. As always, please feel free to contact me, Chancellor Benjamin or Chancellor Miles with any questions or if we can provide you with additional information.


Brian King
Chair, CEO Board
Los Rios Community College District 916-568-3021