CEO Tenure & Retention Dashboard

The League is pleased to release the CEO Tenure & Retention Study, 8th UpdateOur 8th Update provides an overview of tenure rates across the California Community Colleges’ history while also analyzing key changes in demographic trends. The report analyzes the growing presence of women in CEO positions, analyzes the effects of the Great Recession on CEO retention, and provides a snapshot of the diversity of California CEOs. 

The 8th Update is the first version of the study to feature a dynamic dashboard with visual representations of over 100 years of California Community College chief executive officer tenure data. The dashboard is an interactive infographic that allows users to filter the data to observe changes across time among different regions, districts, colleges, and individual executives, stratified by gender and ethnicity. Through dynamic charts and tables, users can identify trends and outliers to gain additional insight into the data.

For more information the study or dashboard, please contact Lizette Navarette at