Excellence in Trusteeship Program

Board Governance Education – Excellence in Leadership 

"The institution has a governing board that has authority over and responsibility for policies to assure the academic quality, integrity, and effectiveness of the student learning programs and services and the financial stability of the institution.” – WASC Accreditation Standard IV.C.1

An educated and well-informed governing board is the foundation of a successful community college. As the policy-making body of the community college, the governing board is responsible for the overall success of the institution and the students served.

Excellence in Trusteeship is a program designed to facilitate the ongoing education of all trustees in California community colleges by providing a solid foundation for effective board governance. You can obtain the training through League events, local board training, and national association conferences and webinars. Whatever venue you select, you are sure to get the most current and up-to-date governance information available.

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Schedule of Training Opportunities (SOTO)