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Following many years of discussion, three California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Accreditation Taskforces, and numerous reports/resolutions, the two current Accreditation Workgroups were formed in March 2016 by the Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC) on behalf of the 113 community colleges in our system.

See CCCCEO Accreditation Reform Timeline 2009-2017 for a synopsis of CEO activities leading to the formation and activities of the two representative CEO Workgroups with representatives from the 11 California CEO regions):

Publications and Reports

Accreditation Updates

President of the League's Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC) Board and Chancellor of the Los Rios CCD, Brian King, provides periodic updates on the progress of accreditation.

  • March 30, 2017
    Accreditation Workgroup II (WGII) has been meeting since May 2016 to pursue its charge of pursuing a model for regional accreditation that aligns all segments of higher education in the Western region. Activities of early meetings were documented in the September 2016 report to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. WGII members did extensive research and developed a “roadmap of options” that defined steps required, timelines, pros, cons, and other resources required for four possible options:
         1. Stronger relationship between ACCJC and WASC Senior (WSCUC)
         2. Two-year colleges can choose an Accreditor (ACCJC or WSCUC)
         3. Single Accreditor for Western Region 
         4. Relationship with another accreditor (not WSCUC)  
    After six months of meetings, research, consultation with accreditation experts and the U.S. Department of Education, and deliberation over a number of options and scenarios, WGII members reached unanimous agreement that the long-term needs of our students, colleges, and communities, especially in California, would best be served by affiliation with a single accreditor that encompasses all segments of higher education for the Western region. Read more.
  • February 27, 2017
    Members of Workgroup I and II provided an update at the statewide CEO Symposium. A copy of the presentation is available here.
  • February 22, 2017
    This coming weekend in Solvang will be a great opportunity for many of us to come together and explore a variety of issues and topics together at our statewide CEO Symposium. For both those who are participating in the CEO meeting and those who are not able to join us, the purpose of this communication is to provide background and context for our discussion on accreditation this coming Sunday afternoon beginning at 1:00 p.m. We have made amazing progress since our catalytic CEO meeting last March. Three key leaders have worked together to get us to a much more favorable position in response to years of challenges involving accreditation and to position our system for its best possible future: Raul Rodriguez, Chair of the ACCJC; Helen Benjamin, Chair of Workgroup I; and Cindy Miles, Chair of Workgroup II. Read more.
  • January 29, 2017
    The future of accreditation in California is in transition. For a number of years, community college system partners, the Chancellor’s Office and the Federal entities have raised numerous concerns on how the Accreditation Commission for Junior and Technical Colleges conducts its operations. In response, California’s 113 colleges created working groups to craft proposals to reform the commission in both the short and long term. At the 2017 Legislative Conference, representatives from both of these working groups and the commission discussed plans of the commission and the working groups to help make the commission more responsive to its membership. Read more.
  • October 14, 2016
    We look forward to seeing you at our next statewide CEO meeting at the League Annual Convention in Riverside on Thursday, November 17 from 1:15 to 4:15. This will be our first opportunity as a group to engage with our new Chancellor, Eloy Oakley. Please make every effort to be a part of this important meeting if you have not already registered. This is also our first opportunity to meet together since our statewide CEO meeting last spring, and accreditation will be among several key topics we will explore together.  A great deal of progress has taken place since our statewide CEO meeting and collaborative discussion about accreditation on March 13, 2016. As you recall, the California Community College Board of Governors approved a resolution on March 21 supporting the leadership of California community college presidents and chancellors in the effort to address challenges and opportunities involving accreditation. This is the seventh in a series of communication to our presidents and chancellors about the work taking place. All of the previous communications are on the League website. Read more.
  • August 5, 2016
    As summer winds down, our work together on accreditation continues. Chancellor Helen Benjamin and I presented a Preliminary Report to ACCJC summarizing the efforts of Workgroup I (Improving ACCJC Structure, Function and Relations) on June 8, 2016. We appreciate the Commission providing an opportunity for a robust dialog about the many concrete suggestions proposed by the CEOs who committed many hours to develop the recommendations. Read more.
  • June 14, 2016
    The past month has again been a very productive period in advancing our work together to address short-term and long-term challenges involving accreditation. Chancellor Helen Benjamin and I spent about an hour and a half last Wednesday, June 8, at the ACCJC meeting in San Jose in conversation with the Commissioners about the Preliminary Report of Workgroup I. On Friday, Chancellor Benjamin also provided an update on the first meeting of Workgroup II chaired by Chancellor Cindy Miles and shared the notes of the Workgroup with the Commission. Read more.
  • May 23, 2016
    The time since our discussion on accreditation at our statewide CEO meeting on March 13 has passed quickly. It is amazing that so much has been accomplished in a little more than two months. With a report scheduled at the next meeting of the Commission taking place June 8-10, the work will continue at a very rapid pace. Read more.
  • April 18, 2016
    On behalf of the CEO Board, I want to take this opportunity to keep you informed of ongoing developments concerning accreditation in the Western Region. As noted in the communication from the Commission last week, ACCJC Board Chair Dr. Steve Kinsella has resigned from the Commission. Please join me in thanking Dr. Kinsella for his years of service to ACCJC. Vice Chair Susan Kazama, a faculty member and librarian from Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii, has assumed the role as Chair of ACCJC. With Dr. Kinsella’s resignation, there are now at least five open seats on the Commission. The communication from ACCJC on Friday outlined the process for the nomination of candidates to serve as Commissioners. Read more.
  • April 5, 2016
    The three weeks since the catalytic conversation about accreditation at the statewide CEO Symposium on March 14, 2016 have passed quickly. The California Community College Board of Governors approved a resolution on March 21 supporting the leadership of California community college presidents and chancellors in the effort to address challenges and opportunities involving accreditation. On March 18, Contra Costa Chancellor Helen Benjamin and I met with the full ACCJC Commission at their spring workshop to discuss the development of two accreditation workgroups. We shared with the Commissioners that the first is focused on the immediate task of improving ACCJC function, structure and relations. The second workgroup is focused on exploring models of accreditation that could better align all segments of higher education in the western region. Read more.
  • March 21, 2016
    The purpose of this email is to provide an update on the work of presidents and chancellors across California to address immediate and long-term challenges involving the accreditation of our colleges. Though the work involving accreditation has been ongoing for several years, the last couple of weeks have been particularly eventful and momentous, culminating in action taken by the Board of Governors today. Read more.


Two workgroups were formed and tasked with making specific recommendations for improvements to ACCJC.

  • The goal of Workgroup I is for representatives from California community colleges and other ACCJC member institutions to work with ACCJC Commissioners to immediately undertake significant improvements in the structure and functioning of the Commission to address long-standing concerns of its members, giving special attention to the concerns noted by the U.S. Department of Education requiring compliance by October 2016. Click here for a list of members.
  • The goal of Workgroup II is to facilitate communication between representatives of regional accreditors and institutional members from various sectors of higher education to pursue a model for regional accreditation that aligns all segments of higher education in the Western region. Click here for a list of members.


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