The role and influence of the governor and State Legislature over the California community colleges have dramatically increased since 1978 with the passage of Proposition 13 and Prop 98, and legislative term limits. This increased influence is shared by an expanded role for the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges (BGCCC) as well as other state agencies. Over 50 percent of the budget for the community colleges is appropriated through the state budget process. With the increase in the state's influence over the funding, governance, academic quality, services and programs of the community colleges, it is critical that local governing board members, students, staff, and faculty strengthen their ability and willingness to influence decision-making at the state level.

Local district involvement is the key to successful advocacy on behalf of California's locally governed community colleges. Locally elected officials are very

Local district involvement is the key to successful advocacy on behalf of
California’s locally governed community colleges.

effective since they, too, have an electoral constituency base. Exercising that political clout in communicating with other elected officials, trustees can achieve the most for their communities and citizens. The entire college community—trustees, students, administration, staff and faculty—working together can make state legislators aware of the programs, services and needs of the local colleges and students, and apprised of the impact that their decisions may have on the college districts. With this information, the governor, legislators and other state officials will be better equipped to deal appropriately with state policy issues.

This handbook is designed to provide the tools for strengthened statewide and local advocacy. Through its use, the legislative advocacy efforts of the Community College League of California can be expanded by ongoing local community college district communication with state legislators. Trustees, students and district personnel will discover how to implement quicker and more effective action on legislation of interest to local community college districts. As a result, state legislators will be educated on community college issues and needs.



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