Board Focus

The Board Focus publication contain important information related to trustee and board responsibilities and effectiveness. They are mailed to all trustees and chief executives, and posted to the Web site. Board Focus is published two or three times a year. For more information on Board Focus, please contact Carmen Sandoval at

Recent Issue

  • Spring 2016
    Topics: Board-CEO Relationship; Strong Workforce Task Force; We Know Why Equity Matters

Past Issues

  • Summer 2015
    Topics: Accreditation Site Team Visit; Prepare to be an Evaluation Team Member; Hiring Exceptional Community College Presidents
  • Winter 2014
    Topics: Moving the Needle on Student Completion; A Rewarding Journey for Faculty and Students Alike; Excellence in Trusteeship Program; Effective Trusteeship, Board Chair and Legislative Events
  • Spring 2014
    Topics: Leadership for Student Success; Excellence in Trusteeship Program: Celebrating the First Year Anniversary; Responsibilities of Trusteeship
  • Fall 2013
    Topics: Student Success Scorecard: Trustees' Role of Oversight; What is the Excellence in Trusteeship Program?
  • Spring 2011
    Topics: Navigating Rough Waters: The Role of the Board and CEO; Top Ten Reasons for Progress in Achieving the Dream
  • Fall 2010
    Topics: Leadership for Student Success: The Critical Role of Boards of Trustees; Selecting the Chief Executive Officer: Ensuring Success
  • Spring 2010
    Topics: Trustees and the Civil Rights of Student Success; Memo to a Rogue Trustee
  • Winter 2006
    Topic: Preventing Micromanagement: Creating Higher Performance Boards
  • Winter 2005
    Topic: Upholding Board Ethics
  • Winter 2003
    Topic: Budget Basics: Fiscal Crises & Public Confidence
  • Spring 2002
    Topic: The Political Nature of Trusteeship: Are Californians Different?
  • Winter 2000
    Topics: Orienting New Board Members: A Top Priority for Smart Districts; How Good Boardsmanship Pays Big Election Dividends
  • Fall 2000
    Topic: Conflict or Consensus: Seven Steps to Creating an Effective Board
  • Spring 2000
    Topics: Setting District Goals: The Role of the Board; Board/CEO Relations: Getting Off to a Good Start Means Listening, Then Acting
  • Fall 1999
    Topics: A Primer on CEO Selection Process; Board/CEO Team Work Critical When Developing Meeting Agenda
  • Spring 1999
    Topics: Technology Planning: A New Oxymoron; Community Connections Provide Valuable Information, Visibility; It's the Law: Trustee Compensation When Absence Excused
  • Fall 1998
    Topics: Board Planning; Taming the Technological Tiger; Local Trustee Education Program: Highlights of Survey Results

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