Monday, July 3, 2017

On Tuesday, June 27th, Governor Brown signed a budget agreement that invests $270.2 million over the 2016 Budget Act level in community colleges. The budget recognizes the indispensable role community colleges play in closing achievement gaps, and in developing and strengthening California’s economy and civic capacity. This Budget Acts places attention on the long-term quality needs of community colleges, in addition to the growing funding liabilities, expected to be as high as $900 million annually by 2025, that impact daily college operations. Community colleges continue to be the state’s best economic development strategy, to confront inequality, and to enhance civic capacity particularly for California’s most underserved populations.

Proposition 98 Agreement:
Determination of Proposition 98 revenues was a key item in the negotiation process. The Legislature approved the following Proposition 98 package: $74.5 billion for 2017-18, $71.5 billion for 2016-17, and $69.1 billion for 2015-16.

Community College 2017-18 Budget:
The budget agreement provided several allocations in two key areas: instructional redesign and student supports, with a major one-time investment of $150 million in the Guided Pathways framework. It included one-time funding support to ensure Compton College’s successful transition to a stand-alone college. While the League advocated for funding for all 29 capital facilities projects, we are appreciative that funding was included for six additional projects for a total of 15. The 2017-18 Budget Act also focused on need-based student aid by including $50 million in Proposition 98 financial aid targeted at students who enroll full-time.
See the Summary of 2017-18 Budget Trailer Bill Language.