ACES Members

  • Teresa Brown, Trustee, San Joaquin Delta CCD
  • Judith Chen Haggerty, Trustee, Mt. San Antonio CCD
  • Keith Curry, CEO/Provost, Compton CCD
  • Sonia Lopez, Trustee, Compton CCD
  • Barbara Dunsheath, Trustee, North Orange CCD
  • Marlon Hall, Superintendent/President, Lassen College
  • Otto Lee, President, Los Angeles Harbor City College
  • Michele Jenkins, Trustee, Santa Clarita CCD
  • Jeffrey Kellogg, Trustee, Long Beach CCD – Committee Co-Chair
  • Jeffrey Lease, Trustee, San Jose-Evergreen CCD
  • Dianne McKay, Trustee, Ventura County CCD
  • Donna Miller, Former Trustee, North Orange CCD
  • Mojdeh Mehdizadeh, President, Contra Costa College – Committee Co-Chair
  • Nancy Palmer, Trustee, Sierra Joint CCD
  • Juanita Salas, Trustee, Imperial CCD
  • Wanden Treanor, Trustee, Marin CCD

For meeting information, contact the staff to the committee listed below.

Staff to the Committee

Carmen T. Sandoval, Director of Education Services and Leadership Development
(916) 444-8641

Karen Graham, Program Assistant Education Services and Leadership Development
(916) 245-5033