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IRS Tax Information

League Compensation

The League compensates employees consistent with Internal Revenue Service guidelines for nonprofit organizations. According to the IRS, "Reasonable compensation" is the amount ordinarily paid for:

  • For like services
  • By like enterprises (whether taxable or tax-exempt)
  • Under like circumstances

Current compensation ranges and the comparable positions used to set them are listed below.  League staff salaries are determined annually, and there is no automatic inflator for years of service or educational achievements.  No officers or board members receive any compensation for their service beyond reasonable travel reimbursement.

Position(s) Compensation Range Positions Used for Comparable Compensation
President/Chief Executive Officer $200,000 Six state community college associations with revenue >$750k, Four Sacramento education associations, Foundation for California Community Colleges President/CEO
Directors, Vice President $90,000-$125,000 Chancellor's Office of California Community Colleges: Vice Chancellors, Asst. Vice Chancellors and Deans
Legislative Advocates, Directors, Assistant Directors $50,000-$90,000 Chancellor's Office of California Community Colleges: Directors, Specialists, Program Assistants
Executive Assistant and Program Associates $45,000-$60,000 Chancellor's Office of California Community Colleges: Staff Services Analyst, Office Technician