Student Health Insurance Program

A long time supporter of California community colleges, Student Insurance operates a nationwide plan that allows for lower rates to students with equal coverage.

From its beginning, the League's student health insurance program has been designed to help uninsured student’s access affordable health insurance. The plan still proves its worth by offering comprehensive health insurance coverage to both international and domestic students at competitive rates.

The program, supported by the Health Services Association, is encouraging colleges to join with the League to offer health insurance to all uninsured students. Students voluntarily join the program and pay the premium.

Coverage includes:

  • hospital room and board
  • intensive care
  • outpatient surgery
  • physician visits
  • ambulance service
  • and many other medical benefits

The benefits to the districts in participating in the program are numerous. The University of California issued a research report showing that health issues often cause students to prematurely withdraw from school. Health insurance coverage offers students medical care if needed and a better chance of continuing their education. The program also offers the colleges an opportunity to assist students at absolutely no charge.

For more information on the League’s student health insurance program or for brochures and applications to pass out to students, contact Student Insurance at (800) 367-5830 or visit their Web site at

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