Asilomar Leadership Skills Seminar

March 2015
Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove

Thank you to the participants of the 2014 seminar!

About the Seminar
The Asilomar Leadership Skills Seminar began in 1984 and was created by leaders in the American Association of Women in Community Colleges and the Yosemite Community College District.

Since 2004 the Community College League of California has sponsored the seminar and provided administrative support. The Seminar is an intensive four-day experience that focuses on the issues facing women who have made a commitment to community college administration, either in their current position or as a future goal.

Its purpose is to provide information, strategies, contacts, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The expected outcome is that participants will be able to acquire and successfully accept expanded leadership responsibilities within their own or other California community colleges.

The Asilomar Leadership Skills Seminar was the recipient of the 2012 American Council on Education's State Network Leadership Award. This is a great honor - and particularly as the 2012 award recognizes a community college program for the first time, rather than that of a university. Read article about award ceremony.

Who Attends
Over the past 30 years, approximately 2,240 competitively selected women have completed the Asilomar Leadership Skills Seminar.

The Seminar focuses on administrative leadership issues. However, enrollment is open to those in any leadership position, including classified managers, program directors, trustees, and leaders of senates and unions.

Applications are especially welcome from persons of color and from colleges not previously represented at a Seminar.

Registration and Fees
Application Process
Applicants are selected competitively. Your application should include the following:

  • Cover letter describing your career goals;
  • Completed authorization form signed by your president or chancellor;
  • Current resume;
  • Letter of recommendation from one of the following: chancellor, president, vice president or dean; and
  • Deposit of $100
    (if paying by credit card online, full payment will be required at time of application)

Seminar Fee
TBD; includes all costs of seminar (tuition, materials, meals, refreshments, and lodging).

The Marjorie Blaha Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Ron Kong Leadership Scholarship will underwrite partial costs up to two participants. If you are unable to obtain college funding and would like to be considered for this scholarship, please submit an additional letter indicating your interest. (Please note these funds are partial scholarships and are not intended to cover the entire cost of the seminar. The amount of the scholarship will be dependent on the number of scholarship applications granted.)

More Information
Questions should be directed to Cherie Savage, Director of Meetings and Events, at or (916) 444-8641.

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