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CEO Tenure and Retention Study
This study determines the extent of CEO turnover and its possible consequences, with a goal to improve the recruitment and retention of effective CEOs at all levels. It includes data on CEOs who report to a board and those who report to a chancellor; ethnicity and gender of California community college CEOs compared with national community college CEOs; and some conclusions and thoughts.

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Community College Directory (2016)
The Directory contains a listing of trustees, district and college personnel; Board of Governors and Chancellor's Office staff; the Academic Senate; the Community College Foundation and the Foundation Network; a map of the districts and colleges; and general e-mail addresses. Print and PDF versions available for purchase. Order Online
Community College Fast Facts (2016)
The League's Fast Facts is a compilation of some unique statistics and facts about California Community Colleges.
Fiscal Responsibilities, Introduction to
A Resource for Community College Trustees
This resource guide is designed to enable trustees to understand and fulfill their fiduciary role. It includes an overview of responsibilities, describes basic concepts and principles, provides sample criteria and policies, and includes questions and checklists. It covers a wide range of fiduciary concerns, including planning, budgeting, fiscal management, monitoring, audits, and facilities. Updated January 2016.
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Trustee Handbook
Thirty-five chapters on topics related to being a member of a California community college governing board. It is provided to all who attend the Trustee Orientation Workshop and also sent to all newly elected and appointed trustees. Updated January 2016.
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