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The League publishes general resources and directories, policy papers, and resources for trustees, CEOs, and college staff. Click on the following links for a list of the papers in each area.  Those without a direct link to their content are available by request from the League at cclc@ccleague.org.

General Publications
Policy Papers and Issues Brief
Trustee and CEO Resources

General Publications

For information about general publications, contact Yolanda Avalos, Associate of Association Operations, at yolanda@ccleague.org or
(916) 444-8641.

CEO Tenure and Retention, Biennial Report
Updated every few years, this League study explores the extent of CEO turnover, with a goal to improve the recruitment and retention of effective CEOs at all levels.

Community College Directory

A listing of trustees, district and college personnel; Board of Governors and Chancellor's Office staff; the Academic Senate; the Community College Foundation and the Foundation Network; a map of the districts and colleges; and general e-mail addresses. | Order Online

Health Benefits Survey (April 2007, Revised June 2007)
Benefits provided for both active and retired employees in the California Community College districts. This survey was conducted jointly by West Kern Community College District and the League.

Fast Facts (Revised March 2014)
Statistics compiled by the League about California's community colleges.

Introduction to Fiscal Responsibilities

This resource guide is designed to enable trustees to understand and fulfill their fiduciary role. It includes an overview of responsibilities, describes basic concepts and principles, provides sample criteria and policies, and includes questions and checklists. It covers a wide range of fiduciary concerns, including planning, budgeting, fiscal management, monitoring, audits, and facilities. Currently unavailable, update in progress.

The News
The League's quarterly printed publication providing information on California community college and League news, and events. For more information, contact Samantha DeMelo at sdemelo@ccleague.org.

Policy Papers and Issues Briefs

For information about Policy Papers and Issues Brief, contact Dr. Rita Mize, Director of State Policy Research, at rmize@ccleague.org.

50% Law - Background Paper
December 2000
This paper provides background and district regulations for compliance, along with issues for discussion.

Achieving the Diversity Commitment
January 2003
A paper in support of the CCCT commitment to enhance what the colleges do to support the success of all their students, and to add value to the communities that the colleges serve.

Accountability: Issues, Implications & Action Plan
February 1997
This paper provides historical background on the statutes and regulations which mandate accountability reports, shows how they compare and contrast, and draws some implications and makes recommendations on accountability for the California Community Colleges.

Accountability Measures: A Comparison by Type and State
March 1999
This paper provides a survey of activities in other states, summarizes the variables used, provides information on the advantages and disadvantages of various accountability systems, and suggests some policy recommendations that have been made in other states implementing performance-based funding.

Adult Education: Action Plan and Policy Issues
December 1993
This document defines adult noncredit education, provides information on the numbers of districts and students participating in noncredit programs in high schools and community colleges and the funding for each, and summarizes the history of adult education since 1981 with special emphasis on legislation and the issues confronting community college adult education in 1993. Finally, it proposes an action plan to address the challenge facing community college districts.

Binge Drinking Among College Students
October 2005

Board of Governors Composition
December 2002
This Issue Brief explores implications of proposals made in 2002 to change the composition of the Board of Governors.

California Community Colleges in 2010: Four Scenarios
July 1993
This document describes four scenarios (technological solutions with high resources, technical solutions with adequate resources, traditional solutions with adequate resources, and technological solutions with inadequate resources) and the challenges and changes which may lie ahead for students, faculty, administrators and trustees under each scenario.

Comments of CCCT and CEOCCC Related to California Citizens Commission on Higher Education Report
September 1998
This document is the official League response to the recommendations of the California Citizens Commission on Higher Education as contained in Toward a State of Learning: Community College Governance—An Effective Bilateral Structure for a Diverse System.

Community College Governance: A Joint Statement of the Board of Governors and Trustees of Community College Districts (CCCT)
September 1999
This statement of principles is intended to describe the views of the Board of Governors and the California Community College Trustees related to the governance structure of the California community colleges and lead to improved working relationships and common understandings between the state and local boards.

Effects of Elimination of CSU Remedial Classes upon Community Colleges
September 1995
This paper, drafted as the CSU Board of Trustees debated the elimination of remedial precollegiate skills instruction education classes by the year 2001, discusses the fiscal and programmatic issues which could arise for community colleges if this proposal were to be adopted.

Evaluating Professional and Organizational Development
A guide to planning and evaluating the effectiveness of professional and organizational development programs in the colleges. A joint project of the League and 4C/SD, funded by a grant from the Chancellor's Office to Sierra College.

Facing the Millennium: California Community Colleges
into the 21st Century

August 1993
This document provides the League’s view on how the community colleges can serve the State of California and its people in the 21st century.

Framework for Change, A
This report summarizes discussions of radical change, the merging context of life in America, critical issues facing the nation’s community colleges, the need for a sense of continuity in the system, and a process for accommodating change.

Full-time/Part-time Faculty: A Proposal for Perspective
This paper examines the history and origins of the 75/25 ratio, considers the research data on the effectiveness of full-time faculty, identifies the advantages and disadvantages of using part-time faculty, and proposes some possible modifications of law and practice which can assure the continued quality of community college education.

Funding Allocation Mechanism
December 2003
This Issue Brief explores a proposed new funding allocation mechanism for the colleges.

Increasing College Preparation and Completion through Concurrent Enrollment: The Next Steps
September 2013
This paper will provide a brief assessment of where we are – in relation to student attainment since the time of the release of our last report (2010), in relation to the goals which we are attempting to reach, and in relation to our ability to meet those goals – before we discuss successful interventions or what needs to be done to meet those goals.

Maximizing District Assets: Implementing Successful Joint Ventures
Community college districts, like other educational agencies, can benefit from creative ways to increase revenues. Some community college districts have recently entered into lucrative money-making ventures in cooperation with private businesses. This paper examines popular methods of working with private businesses to increase district revenues and indicates some of the legal requirements, ways to enter into a joint venture, and tips for a successful venture.

Music Licensing Agreements
This paper answers the question: How are community colleges affected by copyright laws protecting the public use of licensed music and should districts pay licensing fees to protect against claims from publishers and artists?

Parental Choice in Education
February 1992
This information packet summarizes the elements of a proposed voucher initiative – Parental Choice in Education – which its supporters were attempting to qualify for the November 1992 ballot. It includes an analysis of the policy and fiscal effects of the initiative, the full text of the proposal, and a sample resolution in opposition to the measure.

Participating Effectively in District and College Governance
Developed jointly with ASCCC, CEOCCC and CCCT, this paper provides guidelines for Academic Senates, administrators and boards of trustees for implementing laws and effective practices for local decision-making.

Preparing to Serve the Students of the Future: A Planning Resource Report
April 1996
This planning resource report highlights the findings of the League’s Commission on the Future 1995 seminar and summarizes the responses of community college trustees, faculty, administrators, students, and classified staff to the question, "What skills and needs will students bring to our community colleges in the next five to fifteen years and how can our colleges respond in the best interest of students?"

Property Tax Shortfall: Time for a Solution
March 1994
This paper summarizes the history of property tax shortfalls and their effects on local budgets, compares community college with K-12 education finance law, and proposes alternative solutions and a plan of action for resolving this issue.  

Response to the California Constitution Revision
Commission Recommendations

December 1995
This document is the League’s official response, from the perspective of the local colleges, to the Commission’s recommendations of interest to community colleges.

Responding to the California Performance Review
September 2004
This Issue Brief lists the community college system's response to the California Performance Review.

Retiree Health Benefits – Accounting 
Summary of new accounting standards for Community College Districts related to the liability for retiree health benefits. Because of the huge financial implications these new accounting standards have on many districts, this report is critical for trustees, CEOs, HR directors and CBOs to read and understand. 

Should All Freshmen and Sophomores Attend Community Colleges?
September 1995
This paper was drafted in response to a proposal for a ballot initiative which, if qualified for the ballot and adopted by the voters, would require that all freshman and sophomore instruction be provided only at the state’s open-access community colleges. The paper examines the historical proposals for re-directing CSU and UC students to community colleges and summarizes the arguments of supporters and opponents of this proposal.  

Textbook Costs and Issues
October 2004
This policy paper provides background information on the elements involved in textbook pricing and selection, options available through the internet, past attempts to reduce costs through legislative enactments, legal issues and the local efforts of various colleges to develop solutions to the problem of costly textbooks.

Toward a State of Learning: Community College Governance—
An Effective Bilateral Structure for a Diverse System

February 1998
This paper responds to recent criticisms of community college governance in California and addresses proposed recommendations for improving the existing governance structure. The report also addresses how the current governance structure actually works to help colleges meet their education mission and the challenges ahead in the 21st Century.

Triggering the Full-time Faculty Obligation
September 2002
This Issue Brief explores whether 2002 growth and COLA state funding allocations were sufficient to trigger the full-time faculty obligation.

Workgroup of Community College Finance
September 2004
This Issue Brief makes recommendations on changes to the community college funding formula.

Trustee and CEO Resources

For information about Trustee and CEO Resources, contact the League at cclc@ccleague.org or (916) 444-8641.

Appointing a New Trustee to the Board
This guide covers the legal requirements for appointing a trustee to fill a vacancy, and provides sample criteria, timelines, publicity, and interview questions. | Download PDF

Assessing the Performance of the CEO
Updated 2012
Supplement 1: CEO Compensation Components | Supplement 2: CEO Contract Components | Supplement 3: CEO Evaluation Components
Includes detailed information to assist the board and CEO in designing the CEO evaluation process, a checklist, a comprehensive list of possible criteria, sample policy and procedure, and a list of resources and references.

Board Candidate Information
Updated annually
A brochure designed for candidates for the governing boards. Copies are mailed each July to those districts holding elections in the following fall, along with other materials helpful to those interested in running for the board.

Board Chair Handbook
Updated annually
Covers roles and responsibilities, how to run meetings, and tips on handling various scenarios. It is distributed each year at the Board Chair Workshop.

Board Ethics Resource Guide
This packet of information covers board ethics and standards of practice, sample codes of ethics, sample policies for addressing violations of a code, and worksheets for developing a board policy.

Board Focus
An occasional publication mailed to all trustees and CEOs on trusteeship issues. For topics and guidelines for authors, please contact Carmen Sandoval, Director of Education Services, at csandoval@ccleague.org or (916) 444-8641.

Board Self-Evaluation Resource Guide
Covers board self-evaluation, suggestions for board self-evaluation processes, sample evaluation instruments, and sample policies. 
Sample Policies | Sample Evaluations (Both available in Word format.)
Order Online

CEO Search Resource Guide
Includes the steps and issues involved in conducting a CEO search. Lists of search consultants and districts that have conducted searches in recent years are available by contacting the League.

CEO Tenure and Retention, Biennial Report
Updated every few years, this League study explores the extent of CEO turnover, with a goal to improve the recruitment and retention of effective CEOs at all levels.

Commonly Used Terms in Community College Administration
This list defines commonly used terms in community college administration and governance.

Different Jobs, Different Tasks: Board and CEO Roles and Responsibilities
This publication compares the responsibilities of the board and the CEO in ten different areas, including finance, academic affairs, organizational structure, etc.

Key Ethics Law Principles for Public Servants
This publication alerts local officials to situations triggering a need to consult with their agency counsel on ethics legal issues. Distributed to all new trustees and available for $1.00 from the League.

Local Official’s Guide to Ethics Laws, A
By a consortium of agencies, this guide covers the conflicts of interest laws for elected officials. Available from the League for $20.00.

No Confidence Votes
August 2003
This paper provides an overview of the votes of no confidence in California for the previous ten years and explores the lessons learned and the issues involved in responding to such votes.

Orientation and Development for Community College Trustees
This guide provides and overview of trustee education and describes a wide variety of strategies districts may use to orient and education board members. It includes checklists for new trustees and CEOs, lists of conferences and reading materials, and sample policies and procedures.

Q&A’s for New CEOs
These provide answers to many common questions related to organizational structure, participation in local decision-making, and CEO/board relations.

Student Trustee Candidate Information.
Updated annually
Provides information about the roles and responsibilities of student trustees, designed for those interested in the position.

Student Trustees Resource Packet
This packet of information includes a description of their legal rights and privileges (Trustee Handbook, Chapter 8), a paper on the differing perspectives on the role, advice to student trustees from student trustees, and a survey of district practices.

Trustee Handbook (PDF; 7MB)

Revised 2013
Thirty-five chapters on topics related to being a member of a California community college governing board. It is provided to all who attend the Trustee Orientation Workshop and also sent to all newly elected and appointed trustees. | Order Online

Trusteeship (PDF; 2MB)
A brochure outlining the tasks, knowledge and skills of trusteeship.

Trustee Surveys
December 2013
Results of surveys on elections, compensation, student trustees, officers and committees, which are updated and posted to the Web site every odd year.