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“The governing board has a program for board development and new member orientation.” – WASC Accreditation Standard IV.C.9

Participants attend sessions in each of the seven (7) competencies which define the roles and responsibilities of governance boards and provide tools that keep efforts focused on student learning.

What are the program requirements?

  • Submit a registration form;
  • In 24 months complete a minimum of three (3) sessions per competency plus ten (10) sessions in competencies of choice (27 sessions total) and;
  • Submit a completed Track Your Progress form for review.

Upon verification of program completion, receive a Certificate of Participation.

Note: Brown Act and Ethics trainings require only one session per competency.

Where can I get training?

  • League events
  • Local or national board training events
  • Online and print resources

Attending League events is the fastest way to reach the 27-session minimum. For example, you can complete six sessions covering six competencies at the Effective Trusteeship Workshop. Competencies will be identified in event program booklets. A Track Your Progress form is available to assist you in monitoring your sessions. [Schedule of Training Opportunities]

Annual League Events

Local Educational Opportunities
Community College Boards of Trustees frequently schedule workshops and special sessions on a variety of topics including Ethics and Brown Act. These trainings may cover areas of competency in the Excellence in Trusteeship Program. Currently ACCJC offers accreditation training for trustees on individual campuses. The State Academic Senate (ASCCC) and the League provide participatory governance training as technical assistance visits. Other trainings are held at districts within your region that may apply. 

Other Educational Opportunities
The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) sponsors a number of conferences each year. Individual sessions of these conferences may be used to fulfill League competencies. ACCT events include:

  • National Legislative Summit [February]
  • Annual Congress [October]
  • Governance Leadership Institute [March]
  • New Trustee Governance Leadership Institute [August]
  • Webinars [On Demand]

For more information about ACCT conferences and free online resources, check the ACCT website: and

Online and Print Resources
The League and several other organizations have online and print resources that address competencies and can be used to fulfill requirements.

What are the costs?

  • $150 registration and program review fee

How do I register for the program?
Click here to access the Program Registration form

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